Monday, October 8, 2018

Looks Aren’t Always What They Seem!

Looks Aren't Always What They Seem!

Although I appear to be very confident, bold and beautiful, I was a hot mess in this photo. I was depressed, unhappy with myself, I had very bad eating habits, wasn't exercising consistently as I usually did; I had anxiety attacks often, shortness of breath- often, headaches - often, having pity parties often and I repelled men. All I knew how to do during this time was complain and be in a constant state of "woe is me" syndrome.

I would put on a good face in public but was dying inside! Although I appeared to be very confident, bold and beautiful, I was a hot mess in this photo.

I remember this event like it was yesterday. You see, the elevator wasn't working and all the guests had to take the stairs. I was embarrassed because I hadn’t even made it to the 2nd floor and was completely out of breath.

It STILL took me a while to get it together and come to terms with SAYING & SEEKING for better, because my ACTIONS weren’t in ALIGNMENT with my desires (Wellness/Fitness).

It wasn’t until I made a DECISION to Love Me, Take Care of Me - Mind, Body & Soul so that I wouldn't continue the generational habits and dis-eases of my family. You can say a million affirmations, but if YOU don’t Believe in YOU, you’re speaking stale & dead air. If You don't take ACTION, you will stay the way you are or deteriorate. 

It took me years to say Yes to Me. You don't have to go through that. It's too much help out here to jump-start a healthier lifestyle catered and customized to you. I'm not talking about these fake, fly by night fitness trends. I'm talking about helping you get to the CORE of why you're not reaching your Wellness and Fitness Goals so you can remain successful in your journey. 

What kind of Results have you gotten by feeling sorry for yourself or letting outside forces/circumstances or embracing your excuses? You may not EVER be ready, but if you don’t start today, When? Don't let the doctors gives you the report you don't want to hear and now you're FORCED to take care of yourself?

Taking on that type of mindset and behavior is doing not only yourself a disservice, but those that are around you and are depending on you! Oh, and let's not forget the Creator (God) who granted you LIFE! It's your responsibility to take care of yourself and not allow outside forces to dominate your well-being.

Love On You! Get The Help You Need! Get To The CORE of what's really holding you back, So You Can Get F.I.T.,  strengthen & sculpt your body, impress your doctor, nurture your spirit, LIVE longer and have optimal health and well -being.

You MUST do the Mindset INNER Work before you can get the physical/exterior goals!

Work From a The Neck Up, Then The Results Will Show Up From a The Neck Down!

It’s time to #LEVELUP Let’s Chat!

If you're a professional business woman over 40 years young (and a few brave men) who desires to reduce stress, loss weight, gain more energy, get fit so you can be healthier, happier, sexier and feel really good about yourself...Then my Signature Get L.E.A.N. Lifestyle Series is just for you.

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Be Well,

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