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Benefits Of Massage Therapy For Athletes

Benefits Of Massage Therapy For Athletes


My goal is to promote and bring awareness to the value of massage therapy to the fitness industry and professional athletes by simplifying noteworthy benefits applicable to massage therapy.

When including massage as part of your exercise regimen, many benefits of massage alleviates delayed onset muscle (DOMS) soreness after a strenuous workout. Most often some athletes continue to continue strenuous exercises without the maintenance care that needs to accompany this lifestyle.

Here are some of the benefits to athlete incorporating massage into their regimen:

  1. Massage sessions decrease significantly muscle soreness: It's effective in alleviating DOMS (delayed onset muscles) and improving muscle performance.

  2.  Massage Therapy Increases Flexibility: For an athlete to maintain optimal performance, they must maintain high level of flexibility. 

  3. Massage Therapy Improves Circulation: with proper circulation, the athletes, they can breathe more easily and more effectively. Massage Therapy improves blood flow which in improves circulation and enhances performance levels.

  4. Massage Therapy Promotes Better Sleep Patter:  Getting regular massages, sleep better and helps the athletes perform at optimal levels.

  5. Massage Therapy Increases Relaxation Levels: Research has shown that athletes have a hard time relaxing and can affect their overall health. Massage puts one's mind & body in a relaxed state thus reducing the negative psychological effects stress.


As an athlete, there are different types of massages you may receive. Each one has it's own benefits such as Sports Massage often involves fast-paced techniques, stretching and other types of techniques. It can be focused on a pre-workout stretch and opportunity to warm up the muscles or used as a post-workout massage designed to reduce soreness and increase flexibility.


Myofascial Therapy (aka Deep Tissue Massage) usually includes neuromuscular therapy and the release of trigger points, can be very effective, because it works on particular conditions in layers of muscles and fascia. This type of massage often brings intense sensations associated with trigger points.


These results translate into pain relief, re-building of muscles, and acceleration in the recovery from strenuous exercise for athletes of all kinds. Massage should also be included as a lifestyle whether you are an athlete or not. The benefits are aid to your overall well-being.

If you're ready to LIVE a healthier, happier, sexier, fit and confident lifestyle...


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