Monday, October 29, 2018

I ReIntroduced Myself...To Myself!

I ReIntroduced Myself...To Myself!

Many of you may know, of the many hats that I wear, I'm also a bodybuilder~An NPC Master Figure Competitor. I've been successful in my quest and I'm proud of my wins & accomplishments. I took a break from the sport (of which I truly love) because I needed to reintroduce myself To myself again. Bodybuilding or any sport for that matter, is a very competitive sport. If you are not grounded and centered, it will take you to a space where you don't want to be, mentally and spiritually...if you don't have thick skin!

I'm glad I took this time off because I had fell into a state of depression. I was going through all kinds of emotions: anxiety attacks, body shaming myself, gained 50 lbs in less than a year after my last show; wondered what my followers/fans would think (I got over that real quick); I didn't have the support of people I thought would support...except my daughters...I got over that real quick too.

There's much more to this story. However, I won't bore you with the details. Maybe I'll put in a book 😏!

Often times people get so caught up in outside entities, they lose site of who they really are. When you take on this behavior, you're trying to please others instead of coming from a place of true authenticity. The REAL You! 

When you don't fall into the limitations of others people expectation, you'll fine tune the original you. And that's what I've been doing. I've always had faith, had a lifestyle of spiritual practice in addition to being a beast in the gym. Guess what? It's more to been fit that just working out. I had to level up my state of being. I can't serve and transform lives pouring from an empty vessel.

I became Spiritually Fit, Synchronizing my inner being with a power that's bigger than me. I AM a spiritual being, having a human experience. I tapped into my higher self and reconnected with my SOURCE Energy- God ~ The Universe ~ All Knowing. I'm meeting people that are in alignment with my energy; my chakras are aligned (well almost- I'm still working on that heart thingy), my energy is light, I AM abundant, healthy and sexy af; I'm embracing my youthfulness while representing the 50's club! Yes, I'm 50 years young & I hear 50 is the new 30! I have an awesome relationship with my 2 adult daughters (29 & 22 years young).  I'm attracting phenomenal clients who desires to experience true transformation in their overall well-being while adding years to their lives, gaining more energy, being more confident AND getting their sexy back!

Most importantly, I'm operating and giving back to the world the Real Cheryl who was put on this earth to serve and transform lives. I know I haven't even reached the peak of my life and excited about what's to come!

It took me a minute to get here. I had to get pass all that lies I was telling myself (in my head), establish a new belief system and forgive myself! It doesn't have to take you that long to get to a place of sovereignty. With the right guidance, being coachable and Doing The Work, you can level up your own path of spiritual & physical fitness journey!

Take a look at where are you are. Are you living Your Best Life or Are You Living Someone Else's Life?

Living My Best Life!
CHE Knows

PS: I'll be hitting the stage again in 2019 but from a difference space mentally, spiritually and emotionally!

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